CTP Hardware is made with only the best steel in the industry. The quality of our hardware is tested to reflect the SAE International which is the Society of automotive Engineers (SAE) as well as the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

We focus in the essential points to guarantee our customers the CTP quality they have come to expect. We focus on providing maximum strength, maximum selection and maximum value.

CTP meets the following quality standards & norms for our hardware:

DIN) German norms (SAE) grade 8 and (DIN) 10.9 strength specifications, as well as SAE Gr-9 and Din Class 11.9 and Class 12.9.

Our hardware inventory is abundant and stocked with nuts, bolts and screws from the most basics ones, to the most exclusive in the market.

Woodruff Keys

CTP offers a wide range of Woodruff Keys that are manufactured using medium carbon steel and machined for a smooth finish.

A woodruff key is part circular or rectangular looking component, commonly used in automotive and industrial applications. The purpose of the key is to transfer the torque load from a shaft to the
working gear. The key’s main function is as a failsafe or sacrificial device to ensure that there is no damage to the gears in the event that the gears
become jammed; the key will break or shear before damage to the gears occur.
This type of key was developed by W.N. Woodruff of who was awarded the John Scott Medal by the Franklin Institute for his invention in 1888.

Cotter Pins

We Stock all type of cotter pins: stainless steel cotter pins, zinc plated steel cotter pins, copper cotter pins, and aluminum cotter pins.


The internal hardness of the new CTP Pins is thicker to ensure better resistance and longer life. They are manufactured with alloy steel, and are put through an induction hardness procedure that makes the pin more resistant to extreme wear and prevents corrosion. Our pins feature:

  • Induction harden zone HRC 56 min to depth 1mm
  • Minimum core hardness HRC 22 to 25
  • 0.02 to 0.03mm layer of chrome coating on all surfaces of the pin
  • Material 42CrMo and 35CrMo

Self-locking Nuts

CTP offers the self-locking Nylon Patch nuts alternative for your hardware needs. This self-locking nylon patch formula is specially designed as non ozone depleting locking and sealing coating for threaded fasteners. It ultimately prevents fasteners from losing, even under extreme vibration.

Nylon insert locknuts are used where equipment vibration might loosen the connection. This type of locknut is regularly used for critical applications such as piston rod nuts for hydraulic cylinders. CTP heavy nylon locknuts are made of steel alloy, hardened to RC 28-34 and can withstand temperatures up to 250°F! Regularly used for agricultural, mining, heavy-duty, and off-highway applications our heavy nylon locknuts guarantee strength, durability and reliability.


PTFE is used to encapsulate O-Rings, improving their performance in the toughest applications.

Our CTP Liner Kits come complete with the piston, pin, liner, gasket kit, rings, retainers, and seals (where required) that you need to improve your productivity.