Filters that Move the Earth

At Donaldson, we are helping create a better world by developing innovative filtration solutions that protect the environment, increase efficiency and maximize performance for our customers and their equipment.

As a leader in the filtration industry, we serve a broad range of global industries – from electronics manufacturing in Asia, to power generation plants in the Middle East, to Agricultural applications in the Americas. And we are committed to advancing our manufacturing and logistic processes in order to keep Donaldson quality and reliability well above industry standards.

In a better world, things would be cleaner, more efficient and more productive for everyone. At Donaldson, we continue to solve customer problems with products and solutions that make a difference, moving one step closer to a better world tomorrow.

Donaldson delivers a singe source for Construction and Mining Filtration.

High performance Filtration is the best preventive maintenance there is for hardworking equipment in the construction and mining industry.

Downtime means lost revenue. To keep your equipment in service you need filters that deliver superior performance and a reliable supplier that offers complete coverage for your entire fleet.

With Donaldson protection, your engines and equipment will operate longer between filter replacements, saving on further towards protecting your equipment and maximizing uptime.

Depend on Donaldson when every operating hour counts.

Innovative Filtration Solutions for engines, equipment and the people who use them


Industry-Leading Technology

Uncompromising product quality


DE Grade

Donaldson is the “first-fit” choice of equipment manufacturers around the world.


Broad Product Coverage

Air, lube, fuel, coolant and hydraulic filters and systems, plus exhaust, accessories and more.


Consistent Product Availability

The filters you need, when you need them.


Comprehensive Customer Service

Experienced an knowledgeable sales and technical support teams.


Distribution That Makes a Difference

Support from exceptional partners that know Mining equipment and quick to respond.



Industry leading coverage


Far Reaching Field Support

Donaldson representatives are nearby and ready to assist.

Donaldson Aftermarket Warranty

Choosing Donaldson Filters will not void your warranty.

Donaldson for a reason!

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