ITR Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

ITR Ground Engaging Tools are the result of extensive research and design to provide excellent performance. The careful selection of steels and the proper heat treatment ensure the best overall performance and balance between hardness and durability. ITR G.E.T products are developed to respond to market needs and trends. Products include a broad variety of components manufactured and selected for all kinds of applications

All ITR GET products are engineered and designed in the Group’s R&D and Engineering departments, where technical know-how combines with extensive practical experience. Quality controls conducted by ITR personnel at the facilities of certified manufacturers and upon entry to the Group’s warehouses guarantee a high quality process and product.

ITR product range comprises a wide selection of products among which giant shank and multishank rippers (ripper protectors, shanks, tips, scarifier shanks and tips), scrapers and compactors parts (cleaners bars and bar tips, compactor tips, scraper router bits and scraper blades), bucket wear protection parts(wear plates, side-cutters, side and corner protectors, wear buttons, chocky and armoured bars).

Teeth & Adapters

Tips and adapters range is suitable for all kinds of machine models, from mini, medium and large excavators to skid loaders, bulldozers and backhoe loaders. By selecting the correct product the best performance is also assured on all applications.

Unik Line

The ITR UNIK line has been manufactured and designed for those applications where high penetration, impact resistance and increases wear life are essential.

  • Innovative and modern self-sharpening design to ensure excellent performance and high productivity.
  • Reinforced pocket structure
  • Increased side pin protection.
  • High impact resistance
  • Selected steel composition.
  • Extended wear life.

Cutting Edged, End Bits, Gradrer Blades

ITR product range also includes blades and steel profiles suitable for excavators and loaders buckets, blades for scrapers, dozer blades and end-bits for all blade models.

Grader blades may be produced using standard material or using born steel in order to meet any market requirement.


The ITR bucket range covers numerous applications among which standard buckets, heavy duty buckets, rock buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, skeleton buckets, trapezoidal and tilting buckets for excavators as well as loader buckets and excavator ripper teeth.

ITR buckets production follows company strict quality procedures elaborated in accordance to ISO 9001. Mentioned procedures imply the use of high safety standards at engineering stage including “structure calculations” and “finite element analysis”.

The Italian manufacturing plant and the logistics organization enable a competitive and efficient distribution of the ITR buckets through the European Countries.

Bucket Wear Protections

ITR has a vast range of solutions to extend the life of loader and excavator buckets.







This product line is a combination of products, services and expertise to provide good wear protection for construction equipment applications.

Bucket wear protections line is designed to protect your buckets and other equipment components so you have less downtime and greater productivity.

Unik Bucket Wear Protections

USCO continuously invests in product innovation and development aiming to improve the quality of its products and services. Designed to provide maximum lifetime of your bucket the new UNIK wear protections line, thanks to a vaste variety of sizes and profiles, provide you great performances in any type of environment or application, hard applications need hard solutions.