ITR Undercarriage

Engineering and R&D departments are located in Italy, South Korea and China and they interact so to combine the know-how, the technology and the development ability.

The engineering departments located in each manufacturing plant have a specific know-how on the locally –produced components while Italian Engineering head office coordinates all activities.

In its 47,893 m2 South Korean facilities, ITR industries designs, engineers and produces chains, shoes and segment assemblies in a comprehensive mix for both aftermarket and OEM customers. In-house forging is performed in a 16,760 m2 facility from 1,600 to 4,000 tons presses. ITR industries’ plants located in China, which also include a foundry, cover an area of 52,644 m2. Here ITR industries develops, designs and manufactures sprockets, idler and rollers for the aftermarket and OEM markets.

Manufacturing facilities operate different machining and heat treatment processes in order to meet the highest international Standards and OEMs requirements.

Product co-design and optimization is also obtained through the collaboration with the Machine Construction and Structural Analysis Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and other universities and external laboratories. All manufacturing plants have Testing Departments and Laboratories where several quality checks and tests are performed before, during and after production processes. Test are performed in-house, according to international standards and by using on-purpose designed pre-calibrated testing equipment ensuring integrity of test results.

Track Link Assemblies & Track Shoes

ITR TRACK LINK ASSEMBLIES (TLAs) cover a broad range of brands and applications, from mini-excavators up to mining machines.

ITR TLAs may be available in different setups: unsealed, steel unsealed, polyurethane sealed (grease lubricated), salt (sealed and lubricated track).

ITR links are forged from Baron Steel that assures excellent wear resistance and a rail hardness >_ Rockwell C50 with hardness depth 8-12mm onwards, depending on link size.

All SALT TLAs are equipped with Master Split link profiled with EDM wire cutting technology.
ITR master split links are produced following a USCO patented production process.

Bushings production process aims to obtain tough care strength, maximum surface hardness and wear resistance by combining through hardening and surface induction hardening.

Pins production methods are purposely designated to guarantee high core resistance and tenacity in combination with hard wear resistant outer diameter.

SALT or POLYURETHANE SEALED TLAs use different kind of ‘’ALL WEATHER’’ seal groups following to the application they have been conceived for. Heavy Duty TLAs have new Seal Groups engineered in order to meet the highest quality standards and perform in tough applications. The shape of the seals and the material composition guarantee the best oil retention and lubrication between pin and bushing.

ITR TRACKSHOES range combines a selection of items suitable for most of the applications, single, double and triple grousers shoes; standard and extreme service shoes; special shoes.

Track & Carrier Rollers

ITR Track and Carrier Rollers, for both excavators and dozens, are specifically engineered for most severe applications and environments. Full range of sizes and types is provided for all popular brands and models. ITR Rollers are forged products manufactured from selected materials such as Baron Steel, high toughness casting and top quality components.

Deep heat-treatments and precise machining guarantee uniformity and consistency of the production. Accurate assembling, Lifetime lubrication and quality inspection during and after production assure product performance and reliability.

ITR Track and Carrier Rollers range includes mini-excavators up to mining machines, from KOMATSU PC05 (machine operating weight 1, 4 tons) to HITACHI EX2500 (machine operating weight 248 tons).


ITR Cast Idlers are manufactured using the latest automated design and manufacturing processes. They are produced with selected quality steel alloys and appropriately heat treated to provide remarkable field performance in extreme working environments.

ITR Idlers are assembled with state-of-the-art seals and bearing design, produced following the most stringent specifications in the industry. Assembling is performed on assembling lines with automatic oil filling procedure.

ITR Idlers can be selected in different set ups:

  • Idler Shell
  • Idler with Bushing or Shaft
  • Idler with Bracket
  • Idler with Yoke
  • Idler with Tension Device

ITK Idlers range includes mini-excavators up to mining machines, from KUBOTA K008 (machine operating weight 0, 9 tons) to KOMATSU DA75 A5 (machine operating weight 101 tons).

Sprockets & Segments

ITR Sprockets and Segments production is suitable for a broad choice of crawled applications and final drives models from mini to mining machines. Sprockets are manufactured by casting process while segments are produced through forging.

Segments are obtained from hot trimming process Machining and tough hardening.
Segments are commonly used for dozer applications.

Sprockets are cast, machined and heat treated products and generally used for excavators or other machines having the undercarriage working in similar applications. ITR Sprocket range includes mini-excavators up to mining machines from JCB 8008 machine operating weight 0,95 tons to KOMASTU PC2000 (machine operating weight 200 tons).

Main Applications

The ITR undercarriage product line offers the most complete range available in the market, which complete range available in the market, which includes standard excavator and dozer applications along with a full range of undercarriage components for asphalt, drilling and logging machinery.

Production flexibility and design expertise also places ITR undercarriage line in a good position to provide “custom-manufactured” products for special applications.

Mini & Compact Undercarriage

ITR RUBBER TRACKS are designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies which allows excellent quality and durability. The rubber tracks are conceived as a result of the long experience, numerous filed tests on standard and heavy duty conditions and the engineering ability.

ITR RUBBER TRACKS use “continuous cable” technology. This market-proven technology balances the resistance, the flexibility and the strength along the complete track structure and minimizes the wear improving consequently the efficiently of the tracks during the use. The rubber structure integrates and provides a high protection to the cables and to the metal core that represents the carrying structure. The thick rubber layer functions as protection to the metallic structure by absorbing hits and shocks.


  • Forged iron core
  • Cables with increase thickness
  • High resistance to scratches and tears
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Low ground pressure
  • Easily interchangeability with steel tracks