A century of Proven Filtration Expertise and Innovation

You need effective filtration to keep your fleets in operation and you want complete coverage for your entire fleet from one supplier.

Donaldson offers a full range of filtration and exhaust system products for truck and bus equipment. Our products enhance engine and equipment performance while protecting the environment in which they operate.

Donaldson Delivers!

From air inlet to tailpipe

01 Air cleaner and filter
02 AdBlue filtration
03 Cabin air panel filter
04 Air dryer
05 Fuel filter water separator
06 Transmission filter
07 Lube filter
08 Crankcase ventilation filtration system
09 Coolant filter
10 Fuel filter

Comprehensive Filtration Solution for a Full Range of Truck and Bus Applications

01 Air cleaner and filter
02 AdBlue filtration
03 Air dryer
04 Fuel filter water separator
05 Transmission filter
06 Lube filter
07 Coolant filter
08 Fuel filter

OEM Approved Technology for on-road engine application

Fuel Filtration

  • Expanded line of fuel filters protect engine components and extend equipment life.
  • Includes a full complement of filters to fit Cummins engines, Racor fuel systems and DAVCO Fuel Pro 380/382/482 systems.
  • Twist&Drain valves turn the complicated task of removing water into an easy process.

Lube Filtration

  • Donaldson lube filters keep engine oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage.
  • With coverage for a full range of popular engines, Donaldson lube filters meet or exceed application requirements.

Hydraulic and Transmission Filatration

  • Offering a broad line of spin-on, cartridgestyle and intank hydraulic filters – including high, medium and low pressure options – that protect transmissions, machinery and components in hundreds of applications.
  • Complete line of hydraulic accessories to accommodate virtually and mobile application.
  • Donaldson Duramax filters are the highest rated medium pressure filters available.

Coolant Filtration

  • Donaldson coolant filters remove contaminants and maintain cooling system balance – helping to keep today’s hot-running engine cool and reducing  downtime.

Donaldson Clean Solutions

  • Filter your fuel prior to entering your vehicle following our clean, Protect. Polish.